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AGM Minutes 2018


 Annual General Meeting 2018

Notts County Golf Society

Annual General Meeting, Saturday 17th November 2018

11:30 am

1862 Suite Meadow lane Stadium 11:15 am at the main gate,Meadow Lane Stadium.

The meeting will be held in the Club 155 suite, there is a 3 course carvery, reserved padded seat, half time/full time tea/coffee

The prices are as follows:

Season Ticket Holders : £15 per person

Non Season Ticket Holders : £30 per person

Guests £50 per person


Minutes of AGM 2017

Chairmans Report

Secretaries’s Report

Treasurer’s Report



Letter from Treasurer

During the past 8 years I have been “at the helm” so as  to speak of our Golf Society. Way back in 2010 the Chairman of Notts County Football Club invited me to form a golf society connected to the football club, this was done, the society was formed at the Home Bar, High Street, Arnold.

I feel that it is now the time for me to hand over the organisation of the society to a new collective and to hopefully  bring new & younger people into the society.

 The society deserves to keep the standards that we have all strived for over the past years with new thinking & new people. I am therefore taking this opportunity to resign from being Treasurer & all organisational duties within the society effective of this AGM.

There have been some fabulous times throughout the last 8 years and long may that continue, I do thank all members, past & present for making the Notts County Golf Society what it is, a truly great addition to Notts County Football Club, this is down to all members and the way you all conduct yourselves while representing the club on our various sorties over the years.

I am quite willing to carry on administering the web-site & the HandicapMaster system which is embedded into our web site, that is if the meeting agrees.

Once again thank you all

Malcolm Voce


Secretary Report  (passed)


Treasurer’s Report. (passed)

Balance from last AGM 24/11/2017                   £1,968.40                 

Balance as at AGM       17/11/2018.                  £2,066.77

The only liabilities are the costs of this AGM, which will be paid on this day

All the society bank statements and outgoing receipts presented.

                                                Chairmans Report. (passed)


Election of officers. (passed)

Before election of officers there has been a pre discussion in order for the Society to have continuity.

It is suggested that an Assistant Secretary be appointed, an understudy to Nick Galpin, who unfortunately will be moving to pastures new in the next 12 months or so, although Nick will be prepared to carry on the role of Secretary for next season, Mark Beal has agreed that he would be enthusiastic to take up the role of assistant secretary to get to know the in’s & out’s of organising forthcoming games & in general the running of the society under the auspices of Nick Galpin.

The position of Treasurer, which I am relinquishing, is a little more intricate, Wayne Pickering has offered to take on the role, which seems a good fit, as Wayne, being a solid society member, works in the finance industry, for me to hand over the societies account there is a process involved: an appointment with the bank, perhaps two, by both party’s, a new mandate is required along with 2 new signatures & also a new debit card, along with all the set up of the on-line banking system, passwords for log in etc, so you can see it is a little more in depth.

Of course these are only suggestions, to be ratified and agreed by the AGM, Anyone else is quite entitled to put themselves forward.




David Sadler


Mark Beal

Assistant Secretary



Wayne Pickering

Web-Site / HandicapMaster

Malcolm Voce

These elected positions, together with the current captain, will form the society’s committee.


Matters arising. (passed)

Thank you to Mark Beal, Captain for our 2018 season.

Welcome to Nick Everitt, Captain for 2019 season.

Vice Captain nomination from Nick Everitt:

David Jeffrey

Proposal from Paul Cottee. (passed)

The top 5 in each game have a reduction in handicap 6 place no change, higher handicappers loose more shots than lower handicappers.

Over 25 handicap

12 points lose 2.5

9 points lose 1.3

7 points lose .8

6 points lose .5

5 points lose .3

4 points lose 0

Everyone else gain .4

14-25 handicap

12 points lose 1.7

9 points lose .9

7 points lose .5

6 points lose .3

5 points lose .1

4 points lose 0

Everyone else gain .4

Below 14 handicap 

12 points lose 1.2

9 points lose .7

7 points lose .4

6 points lose .2

5 points lose .1

4 points lose 0

Everyone else gain .4

Proposal from Paul Cottee. (rejected)

My second proposal is that instead of the AGM being subsidised I propose that the Captain and vice Captain receive free membership for the 2 years they are in Post they can use this money to put towards prizes on their Captains day. 

This will cost the society £50 per year. In effect  it will cost £90, 2 @ £45.

Proposal from Paul Cottee (rejected)

I also propose that all officers of the committee receive free membership whilst in post, as a thank you for their time.

This will cost the society £75  In effect it will cost £125, 5 posts @ £25.

Proposal from Paul Cottee (passed)

I also propose that prizes on the day are set the same for every game. Everyone still pays £5 each.

1st prize. £40

2nd prize £20

Nearest pin £20

If there is a short fall in prize money the society makes up the difference.

If there is surplus prize money the society keeps it for future games that may not get enough prize money.

This season there would have been a surplus of £15 by the last game

All the above would cost the society less than £300 which is what it costs the society to subsidise the AGM last year.

Proposal from Paul Cottee (passed)

I also propose that on the last match of the season instead of the order of play being drawn out of the hat.

Players go out in reverse order how they stand in the championship so the leader(s) goes out last.


1862 Championship (rejected)

As we all know the 2018 Championship finished with 2 players on level points based on the conversion system that we use.

At the moment we do not have a rule in place that will decide the winner outright, In order to help stop this happening again I make the following suggestion(s)

If a tie is made by 2,3 or maybe even 4 players we revert to the count back on our handicap master system, counting the last qualifying game of all players, it will be the best back 9, best 6, best 3, then the last hole.

If it is still a tie the qualifying round for each player will be taken into account as above, this is repeated until a winner is decided.

In the unlikely event that 1 player(s) on a tie has only played 5 or even 4 qualifying games against other player(s) that have played 6, the count back, as above, goes on until the player(s) has no more games to count, it will then be deemed as a draw.

In the event of a tie the winner will be decided by the total number of Stableford points accrued  through our handicap master system using the count back if required.(passed)

Proposal(s) from Tony Cottee

Hi Malc


1, For the par 3 comp, would it be more fairer to allow handicaps, granted not a full handicap but maybe 3/4 or half handicap for all, as the scratch event only tends to favour the low handicapped golfers for obvious reasons. Maybe even run 2 events at the same time with 2 trophies up for grabs one for scratch and one handicapped for the same game or have a separate game for this on a different day.   (rejected)

2,Theres talk about a few arranging a golf week end abroad next year, maybe early or late in the year, could this be achieved as a society or just a few to go it alone, I for one would be interested either way. (for future discussion)

3,Re the rule about lost and out of bounds balls and a 2 shot penalty, are we as a society taking this on. Yes I am aware Malc that you were having a meeting about this but this is just for the AGM purpose  (passed) 

4,Any member playing at their own course. (see below) 

Can we clarify that if any member of NCGS is a member of a picked course for the qualifiers that year that they either have to pay the society or not for the round.

Should Nick Everitt  pay to play at Coxmoor ? Should David Sadler  pay to play Holinwell, should Malcolm pay to play Ramsdale, should terry pay to play Mapperley etc! after all their green fees have already been paid for at the said courses via memberships. 

Any NCGS member that plays a society day at “their own course”, is still required to pay the same amount as all other members, if the Golf Club does not charge for this member(s), the proceeds goes into the society funds. (passed)

Sorry for this being a bit late in the day, meant to write this out last week.

Fixtures & dates for 2019

These are the suggestions that are open for discussion & subject to change accordingly.

Wednesday 14th March Holinwell?, Newark?
Sunday 7th April Bonday ?
Sunday 28th April Ruddington?, Erewash?
Sunday 12th May Birstall?, Lingdale?
Saturday 1st June Cardwell park, overnighter?
Friday/ Sunday 21st/23rd June Coxmoor? (captains day)
Sunday 7th July Retford?,South Chesterfield
Sunday 21st July Melton Mowbray?,Lingdale?
Sunday 11th August Rufford?, Ramsdale?.
Sunday 18th September Wollaton?,Chilwell?, Beeston?
Sunday 20th October The Nottinghamshire

Weekend 8th June 

Forest of Arden. (passed) 

1night with Dinner & breakfast 2 rounds golf 2 sharing £133 each/Single Room £229


Greetham Valley/ No Availability in June


Skegness Northshore1 night Dinner Bed & breakfast 2 rounds 

£145. 2 sharing/ £30 single sup double room/ Limited single rooms available £145

Golf Only 

Seacroft GC Saturday 8Th 2.00pm tee off £35.00. Sunday 11.22am tee off £55

Northshore GC Saturday 8th 10.28am or 1.48pm £28-£30. Sunday 10.28am £28-£30

Vine Hotel & Crown Hotel Fully Booked

County Hotel  B&B £35 B&B +meal £50 ( may get discount for group booking

Changes to the rules of golf

A reminder that the new rules of golf will be fully implemented by RandA on January 1st 2019, The Notts County Golf Society will play strictly to these rules.

A full explanation the new rules is on our website


Presentation of Honours 2018 Season

1862 Champion(s)

Malcolm Voce & Steve “old Shep” Shepherd


     Mike Edwards Singles Winner

   Mark Beal


Lincolnshire Sausage Hackers Winner

     Steve “old-shep” Shepherd


      Par 3 Scratch Winner  

      Ian Roberts


AKO Electrical Contractors Player Of the Year

Tim Sills


Special awards from Tony & Paul Cottee

Highest number of Pars for the season             Steve “old Shep” Shepherd 

Highest number of Birdies for the season         Andy Bryan 

Highest number of Eagles for the season.         Luke Alexander 



Congratulations to the above winners 

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